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Springfield Air Duct Cleaning can clean out your residential or commercial dryer vents better than any do-it-yourself kit that you can buy online or in store.Springfield Air Duct Cleaning can clean out your residential or commercial dryer vents better than any do-it-yourself kit that you can buy online or in store. We have extendable tools that can reach through the ductwork from your outdoor exhaust all the way back to the dryer.

Springfield dryer vent cleaning should be done at least once a year. However, we do a thorough inspection before we make a recommendation for each home. Once we have cleaned your dryer vents, we’ll come back periodically to check them and make sure they are clear. If they are, we’ll schedule a longer period between dryer vent cleanings, but if we see that lint and debris are building up in your dryer vent and ductwork, we’ll schedule you for more frequent cleanings.

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When we clean your dryer vent, you’ll see enjoy great benefits:

  • You will reduce the risk of a dryer fire in your home.
    Lint buildup in your dryer vent can cause a major fire in no time, especially if your dryer is overheating. Keep your ducts and vents clean so that a fire doesn’t have any fuel within your ducts. Working with Springfield Air Duct Cleaning to create a customized cleaning schedule will greatly reduce this risk.
  • You’ll lower your power bill.
    Your dryer has to work extra hard when its vents and ducts are blocked. If you are finding it necessary to turn the dryer on more than once in order to get clothes dry, you’re wasting money! The less work your dryer has to do, the more money you’ll save.
  • You will avoid repairs and extend the life of your dryer.
    When your dryer has to work extra hard because of clogged vents, it will overheat more often and experience more repair issues. When you take care of your dryer and its ventilation system, it will last for many more years, saving you the cost and hassle of replacing it before its time.
  • You’ll improve your dryer’s efficiency.
    Clothes don’t dry as fast in a dryer that has lint buildup in its ductwork. As mentioned above, running the dryer multiple times to get clothes dry is inefficient and expensive, not to mention time consuming. Let us help you avoid these things with professional dryer vent cleaning!
  • You will prevent your dryer from overheating.
    Springfield dryer vent cleaning prevents your dryer from overheating, which protects your clothes and protects dryer components from breaking down. An overheated dryer will also be hot to the touch and dangerous to anyone in your home who touches it on purpose or by accident.

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Our dryer vent cleaning service Springfield residences need periodically are fast, effective, and affordable. Many of our customers choose to combine their dryer vent cleaning, chimney cleaning, and air duct cleaning services and get everything taken care of at the same time. If you’re interested in combining your services to get the most effective, most professional clean available, Springfield Air Duct Cleaning can make it happen!

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